Rhododendron Ramapo

Beautifully unusual purple flowers would make this dwarf rhododendron a perfect addition to any garden.  The additional bonus of this variety is the aromatic foliage with a hint of hops.  Plant supplied is 3 years old.
A low maintenance, neat, compact shrub which would be ideally positioned in a patio pot or border flowering from mid April to mid May as dwarf varieties are the earliest to bloom.
Ericaceous compost is required or alternatively, our sulphur soil can be added to compost or garden soil to adjust it to the PH level required (please see the sundries section of website).
Plant suppplied in a 3 litre pot.

Our Price: £19.95

Rhododendron Ramapo full sun
Rhododendron Ramapo is hardy
Rhododendron Ramapo happy in part shade
Rhododendron Ramapo attracts birds and bees
Rhododendron Ramapo baskets-and-containers
Rhododendron Ramapo is grown in the UK
Despatching In: October-March:
Final Height: 60cm:
Final Spread: 60cm:
Flowering Time: May:
Plant Type: Evergreen:
size: 3l:
SoilType: Moist, well drained soil:

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