Bamboo japonica

Extremely low maintenance and drought tolerant, this evergreen Japanese Bamboo has many tricks up its sleeve!
This established 4 year old plant in a 20cm pot can help to screen off an area of your garden, patio or pathway, create shade in a sunny spot and create wonderful shadows as well as producing a relaxing rustling sound in the breeze.
The size and structure of the plant means it will be ideal in a pot and this will also keep the roots contained and not spread.  If you would prefer this in your garden bed or border then we would suggest submerging it in a pot also to restrict the roots from spreading.
Perfectly suited to many of the pots in our Sundries section including the Capri High Planter in Taupe or Safari Green as well as the Antique Planters in Bronze or Silver which are currently on Special Offer.
Growing to approximately 2.5m in height.
1 x Bamboo Japonica in a 20cm pot

Our Price: £28.95

Bamboo japonica full sun
Bamboo japonica is hardy
Bamboo japonica happy in part shade
Bamboo japonica baskets-and-containers
Final Height: 2.5m:
Final Spread: 4m:
Plant Type: Evergreen:
size: 20cm pot:
SoilType: Moist, well drained soil:

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