Blueberry Bluecrop

Hailed as a super food - Blueberries are not only a delicious treat but also packed full of antioxidants and phytopflavinoids.  Blue crop is one of the most reliable cropping varieties and this plant is ready to burst into flower this year producing an abundance of fruit in July........this year!
A well established 4/5 year old plant, all of the hard work has been done for you!  Basically plant up into a slightly larger pot on receipt in ericaceous compost (or use our Sulphur Soil chips), keep it well watered and enjoy!  There really is nothing like growing your own fruit, picking the sweet, sun kissed berries straight from the bush - delicious.
It doesn't even end there, the foliage and stems change colour throughout the autumn and winter too for pretty much all year round interest.
1 x 4 litre Blueberry Bluecrop Bush

Our Price: £23.00

Blueberry Bluecrop full sun
Blueberry Bluecrop is hardy
Blueberry Bluecrop happy in part shade
Blueberry Bluecrop attracts birds and bees
Blueberry Bluecrop baskets-and-containers
Blueberry Bluecrop is grown in the UK
Blueberry Bluecrop are perfect pollinators
Flowering Time: Flowers in Spring, Fruit in Summer:
Plant Type: Perennial:
size: 4 litre:
SoilType: Moist, well drained, acidic soil:

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