Spring into Action!

Spring has sprung and the team here at Plants2Gardens in Woodford believe everyone can create a beautiful garden.  With over 40 years of horticultural experience and a genuine passion for gardening, the owners of Plants2Gardens hand select our plants in order to supply you with the highest quality exciting new additions for your garden.

Sulphur Rose Spray

Before I forget, I must first of all give you a reminder to spray as this is the perfect time of year to give your Roses, Fruit Trees and any other plants which are susceptible to mildew or blackspot a good coating to help to prevent these taking hold. Sulphur Rose Spray can be used to cover the whole tree or shrub (even the soil around the base) and you can't over do it.  Apply once a month (and maybe even once every couple of weeks throughout April and May) to help prevent blackspot and mildew.  See the Sundries section for this bee, butterfly and pet safe must have!

Weed Wipe Out

My gardening best friend, the Border Wizard, is being put through its paces again as we need to keep the veg patch and flower borders free from those pesky weeds.  Simply place the Border Wizard prongs over the weed, push into the soil and turn, then lift out the weed.  Effective, efficiency and easy on the back!  Whilst doing this it is also a good idea to incorporate a slow release fertiliser to give our plants the boost they deserve at this time of year, ready to reap the benefits for months to come.


Beautiful Bedding and Blooms

Bedding always brings a smile to our faces, that splash of colour in decorative planters or in between your shrubs.  An exciting new plant is the Sweet Pea bush, Polygala which flowers all summer long producing masses of pink, pea-like flowers.  Also, remember to take a look at the Hydrangeas available, remarkable lace-caps and perfect paniculatas which will grace any patio.  All of the above would look stunning in any of our large selection of planters, my personal favourite being the Half Barrel Planters.


Please have a browse on our website and feel free to get in touch for any further information or advice.