The fabulous Nandina!

Nandina domestica

This busy evergreen is always up to something!
Nandina domestica is in no doubt at the top of my list of must have plants, it is truly outstanding.  The hard working shrub which never takes a break.  Extremely pretty clusters of white flowers open up in late spring followed by equally superb yet contrasting orangey red berries in late summer.  The new, youthful, bright red leaves of spring gradually transform to green over the coming months.  As an extra treat in the autumn, when you think it's all over, the Nandina leaves beautifully revert back to their striking red shade.
A wonderful, delicate rustling sound can be heard when the breeze moves its way through the leaves similar to that of bamboo, hence the Nandina domestica is quite often referred to as 'Heavenly Bamboo'.
All year round interest in your garden - why not!
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